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You are here looking for an imaginative, professional, high quality building company. And we are here hoping for an inspiring, challenging, collaborative building project. What are the chances of that? It looks like we could be a match.

Some more about us: We are a wrap-around, professional building company covering all aspects of any residential building project. At PBC we specialise in beautiful house renovation, transformative basement expansion, revitalising loft conversions and life-enhancing house extensions. Inspirational, supportive construction - this is what we love.

Space, functionality and style are at the heart of all we do. Our projects bring increased living space that works seamlessly with your current home and utlilises memorable design to bring a property to life.

We were founded by Chris Janeczek, a project manager who decided to put his near 20 years of building experience toward a new venture. One that places imagination and collaboration front and centre of all building projects. Working with a team of skilled building associates, PBC provides high-end construction with a sole project team-lead guiding the client from start to finish. Artisans and craftspeople, architects and interior designers, each works closely with you to make all aspects of your envisaged plans a reality. However tiny a detail, however big a challenge, we are with you every step of the way to make your home match that special picture in your mind.

Effortless. That's a good word.

We all know how much hard work and stress is involved in residential building work but it is our job to take the strain. To pre-empt any issues before they arise. To guide you along a path that ensures the creation of your new home is a fun experience. Making it all go smoothly, that’s our role.

The journey should be enjoyable, not just the destination. You will not be taking on projects like this every year so why not enjoy it? That's our philosophy. Whether it's perfecting the shape of a mezzanine with the architects or selecting textile finishes with an interior designer, we get you together with talented professionals that make the creative decision making something to look forward to. Not something to dread.

You have ideas. We have ideas.
Together we create the home you have dreamed of.

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